We are dedicated to creating unique concepts and packages for our customers. Whether you're looking for a full-length documentary, feature film or social media short Pace Productions UK has you covered.


Leading you through the process from start to finish we ensure that your vision is fully realized.


To maintain the highest level of quality we employ the latest technology, with our invaluable knowledge and expertise.  


As well as offering videography, we provide photography services for all outdoor activities.


Due to the wide range of environments we are used to operating in, we are experienced in capturing important moments as they happen. 


Whatever your needs are, we can help.




We have been called upon for content creation from every corner of the planet. From Australia to Montana, Scotland to Germany, companies and publications lean on our knowledge to produce content from written articles and photography, to fully worked film productions.


Whereas some clients have a clear picture of what they want, others come to us needing help with direction. To provide a creative outlook in planning, campaigns, and marketing. We leverage the knowledge we have across various mediums, over social media and press interaction, to build resources which deliver.


An overview of previous content creation work:


  • We have planned and delivered full collection campaigns for top end clothing companies.

  • Written articles for major publications around the world

  • Created the groundbreaking international DNA Film Festival

  • Crafted careful, sensitive film narratives to portray messages in controversial subjects

  • Delivered continued marketing opportunities for a number of long-standing brands

  • Consulted on niche knowledge subjects

  • Consulted on strategic plans for exposure for public bodies



Pace Productions UK offers full UAV/Drone service in accordance with the CAA across Scotland and the UK.


UAV/drone operators can be extremely cost effective and can open doors to many applications. Utilizing


A few examples: roof inspections, advertising, event promotion, surveying, land & water sports, weddings, golf courses, agriculture and real-estate.


If you're unsure whether or not your project could benefit from the use of a drone, feel free to contact us.



From small, local productions to Hollywood movies, Pace Productions UK have - nearly - done it all.


With our vast knowledge of amazing and sometimes secret locations around the UK, particular in our homeland of Scotland, we can find exactly what you're looking for.


Something you require?


Get in touch.




We understand that originality isn't something the majority of people would say they hold within their skill set.


We believe creative flair to be at the top of ours, so if you're struggling to make your event or marketing campaign stand-out from the crowd why not give us a call or drop an email.

We also provide services for film titles, branding, after effects and the like.


Angus Glens, Scotland